Our Challenges

We’re at a unique and historical inflection point on our city’s growth and development spectrum. The sale of the Northville Downs property could easily be the biggest parcel sale in a Michigan city of our size for some time to come. To say the least, the Northville Downs sale will bring change to Northville. We've got to get it right the first time to ensure the project’s transition is as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

    Successful revision of Northville’s Master Plan, including updated city ordinances and building codes is key to the Downs purchase. There is impetus to complete the update as soon as possible, but the Master Plan update efforts should continue into FY2022.
    Continue Northville COVID-19 prevention and vaccination programs until it’s no longer a threat. Uphold CDC and MHHSD guidelines. With council, continue inventive steps to save Northville citizens and businesses (opportunities like “Heat in The Street” and “Northville with a Twist”).
    City Hall Building Renovations - Update city hall to give our fire department a clean, safe and climate-controlled workspace.
    Support a long-term plan to maintain and improve our parking deck system.
    Improve the city’s information transparency by Increasing our social media presence and information dissemination.
    Actively conserve and improve Northville’s environment, economics, and society through our Sustainability Team.
    Improve our city’s walkable safety, comfort, and interest by supporting the creation of a Northville Walkability Plan.
    Achieve Northville's carbon neutral designation by 2030. We’re already on our way to a net zero carbon footprint for the city. We’ll need to sustain and improve our efforts over the next nine years.
    Maintain and improve our tree population. We have a new tree inventory and wellness program. As of this spring, we are officially a “Tree City”. Trees sequester CO2, give cooling shade, reduce noise, slow water runoff, help regulate temperature extremes and prevent soil erosion. We must do all we can to preserve, improve and increase our trees. Tress can be our first defense against climate change.
    Stormwater runoff across property lines and into our streams and lakes has become a problem. We will find ways to channel or manage stormwater locally wherever possible, so stormwater refills the local aquifer, instead of burdening stormwater infrastructures here and downstream.